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Energy Healing Techniques Can Help You Manage Your Anxiety

When we're anxious our energy moves differently in our body. It's chaotic instead of smooth, and too much of it is in the top of our body, which is why we often get symptoms like overthinking, a racing heart or feeling nauseous. 

Our nervous system is over-activated, moving us from a calm, parasympathetic, 'rest and digest' state to a sympathetic, 'fight or flight' state. 

Our brain chemistry is different and some of our neurotransmitters are depleted which can also impact our sleep.

All of these components can be addressed with energy healing, to get your body out of its anxious state and into a calmer one. 

I've created a daily program of energy clearing techniques to do exactly this and recorded a video for you to follow along with me. You'll feel calmer after doing it but you need to do it regularly, ideally every day, to get the full and longer term benefits. It's just ten minutes long so you can fit it into your routine and you can do it any time you're feeling anxious to help rebalance and reset your system for calm.

Watch a Clip

The video has been working great for me. I do it on my lunches and feel great. I’ve been feeling stress about something coming up and this is definitely helping my nervous system!

Jenna Lynch

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