Do you know what tool has given these results for pregnant women?

  • 78% decrease in pain

  • 80% improvement in nausea

  • 86% improvement in sleep

  • 94% improvement in anxiety

  • reduction of C-section rate from 20% to 5%

Yes, Reiki. In a clinical trial at Hartford Hospital, CT moms given Reiki during pregnancy had these outcomes. And Dr Jeri Mills OBGYN reduced her personal C-section rate to 5% after using Reiki on her patients (she also all but stopped giving pain meds). 

If you want to have a tool in your kit that can deliver these kinds of results this is the class for you.


Originated in Japan, Reiki is a hands on energy healing modality that clears toxic energy out of the body, replaces it with high vibration universal life force energy and brings the body into a state of balance and harmony. In its earliest days it was being taught to midwives in Japan by one of the main teachers of the day who was also a medical doctor. 

The only class of its kind, it is a standard Reiki 1 certification class with additional pioneering content teaching you how to apply Reiki in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You'll learn how to use Reiki to hack the energy systems of the body so you know exactly what to do for all the main pregnancy and birth concerns (breech, pain, hypertension, labor induction and much more) and can use Reiki really effectively with your clients. You receive a reference manual so you can look up a concern and have several different options of how to use Reiki to support your client. The applications are wide and you’ll learn them in this class. Graduates have used Reiki to melt cervixes, flip posterior babies, turn breech babies, relieve pain and more. 

In addition to using it in birth or adding it to your client packages you can also practice as a regular Reiki therapist.

In addition to working as a healer for almost a decade, I’ve studied Reiki extensively and trained with multiple teachers and I offer a very solid and grounded training. Here are some things birth professionals have said about this class:


“It changed me, I am very grateful for the experience and highly recommend it”


"Can't recommend this certification enough for birth workers!”


And about me as a teacher:


“I learned so much about healing and the different ways to give Reiki. I highly recommend Mitra…she’s a wonderful teacher”


“I came out feeling fully capable and knowledgeable to begin my Reiki practice”


“I took Mitra’s Reiki training and cannot recommend her enough! If you have an opportunity to train or work with Mitra do NOT miss it!”


One of the challenges after taking a class is really putting it into practice once we get home. So you get daily email support for 3 weeks after class to help you integrate Reiki into your daily life. You also get to participate in 3 monthly group mentoring calls for free. This is a space where you can get support with embedding your Reiki practice, ask whatever questions you have and learn from others questions.

In addition, I host monthly Reiki shares where you can practice with other practitioners and have me on hand to support and guide you.

Class includes 5.75 CEUs from the International Childbirth Education Association at no extra cost. 

Class fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend due to a birth you will be rescheduled to the next class, there is no penalty. 

Next class is on 29th March at Kindred Space LA, contact me to sign up.