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Reiki is a profound hands on energy healing system developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 in Japan. Translated as 'spiritually guided life force energy', ki is channeled through the practitioner to restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, giving a feeling of peace and vitality. It is natural, gentle and non-invasive and can be hands on or hands off or be delivered at distance. When this life force energy is low it can be more challenging to deal with every day stresses and the immune system can become vulnerable.

Reiki treats the whole being, bringing mind, body and spirit into balance and creating space for transformation. Reiki supports the immune system and the ability to cope with every day stresses. Although it is usually offered as a way to relax and feel peaceful, many people experience profound healings. Reiki can also support the body through other treatment methods, increasing the capacity to cope with interventions and helping you stay calm, clear and grounded. 

For more information from the Reiki Association click here



Sound Healing is a vibrational therapy that uses sound to create balance and alignment in the physical, energetic and etheric bodies. The basic principle of Sound Healing is that of resonance; every object is in a state of vibration and therefore creates sound. This includes the various parts of our body, such as our organs, muscles, bones, etc. If these parts of our body are vibrating at their normal frequency we call this state “health”. If a portion of our body begins to vibrate at a frequency which is not harmonious to us, we call this “disease”. It is possible to use sound to project the correct resonant frequency of that part of the body which is vibrating out of harmony back into the body, causing it to return to its natural frequency and return to a state of balance. This works for imbalances in the chakras and energy fields. 

For more information from the Sound Healers Association click here.



Theta Healing practitioners use a meditation technique to connect with the universal web of consciousness that holds infinite possibilities to resolve and heal issues. It realigns and rebalances your energy field and removes energetic blocks from current and past traumas which can cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues and challenges and reprograms limiting beliefs and conditioning, replacing them with helpful thought patterns. 

For more information from the ThetaHealing organization click here.



Kinesiology uses clinically proven muscle testing techniques to communicate with the body and understand where energy is not flowing well so its balance can be restored. Emotional or physical stress can disrupt this natural flow of energy and disease is said to result when these pathways become blocked or imbalanced. A truly holistic technology, it looks at the physical, nutritional, emotional, chemical and energetic aspects of the body to understand the root of the imbalance and incorporates both Eastern and Western approaches to health. Imbalances are corrected using massage and holding techniques and may be supported long term with nutritional recommendations and many issues can be resolved in just a few sessions. It is a very effective tool for identifying food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies. 

For more information from the Association of Systematic Kinesiology click here. 




Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 2,500 year old healthcare system. It looks at illness within the context of the whole body system and strives to create balance between the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and between yin and yang. It addresses both the symptom and root while also supporting the underlying balance of the body. 


The practitioner interacts with the body through its energetic system, known as qi (chi). Qi runs through meridians, or channels, in the body and stimulating specific points along these meridians has specific effects on the body, organs and fluids.


The most common way in which these points are stimulated is with acupuncture, where fine needles are inserted into the body at specific points to manipulate qi. Other methods are also used in Chinese Medicine to activate these points including acupressure, tuina, cupping and moxibustion. It is also possible to direct Reiki energy to these points to stimulate them and use Kinesiology techniques to balance the energy in the meridians.

Together with Elizabeth Kotek LAc, I offer combined Acupuncture and Reiki sessions priced at $215. Please contact me to schedule your appointment.  

For more information from the TCM World Foundation click here



Reiki is an amazing support for more positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Clinical studies have shown that during pregnancy it improves sleep for 86% of recipients, reduces pain for 78%, reduces nausea for 80% and reduces anxiety for 94%. It can help with heartburn, blood pressure, labor induction, breech presentation, pain management (both during pregnancy and during labor), recovery time, milk production, plugged ducts, overcoming trauma from previous pregnancy or birth experiences.

I frequently work with people to clear trauma from their time in the womb or from their birth. Modern psychology recognizes that we can be affected into adulthood by what was happening around us while in utero and it can often be the source of issues we can't identify or connect to our known experiences. I highly recommend the documentary In Utero which explains in detail the neuroscience and psychology of this - below is a short excerpt from it.  








I work with infants and children (who don't always need to be present at the session) to release the trauma from in utero, birthing and postpartum experiences from the energetic body. Through doing this work I've learnt that the issues babies were exposed to in the womb are often reflected in their birth experience - children who were anxious to be born were overdue, had long and difficult deliveries or were breech. It inspired me to work with pregnant women and the babies they carry to support peaceful births. 

Whether our birth was traumatic or not we experience trauma in that first separation from the whole and from our mothers when we leave the womb. The passage through the birth canal is challenging on the physical body as well as the spirit and energetic body and many of us have interventions that create additional layers of trauma. People often say babies don't remember the traumatic events that happen early in life but, while it may be that we can't recall them as memories, they can be stored energetically in the body.

I have a special interest in working with NICU babies and parents after my own experience as a NICU mom. NICU babies nervous systems have typically been highly stimulated by their experience, leaving them stuck in fight, flight or freeze. They often have more sleep issues, are sensitive to noise, can have feeding issues if they were intubated, and surgery can interfere with the flow of energy around the body. Mothers often have a complicated pregnancy or traumatic delivery to heal from in addition to the strain of the NICU experience and are disposed to post traumatic stress.

I hold a monthly low cost Reiki clinic for pregnancy and postpartum at Kindred Space LA, contact me for details. 

For more information from March of Dimes click here

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