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naturally support your children's health and wellbeing at home


Don't Let The Next Bug Turn Your Family Life Upside Down

How to Have Healthier, Happier Children While Spending Less Time and Money on Doctors and Remedies

Are you sick and tired of having sick and tired kids? Fed up with the endless stream of colds, coughs and tummy bugs that come home from school and sweep through the whole family? Running out of annual leave days to look after your kids when they can't get to school?


The key to having kids who are ill less often, and recover more quickly when they are, is Reiki.

Are you the kind of parent who wants to:

  • Have kids who get ill less often

  • Have all the best tools for taking care of your children's health

  • Support your children's health at home yourself, without always visiting a doctor or practitioner

  • Include holistic options in your healthcare

  • Become more attuned to your children

  • Have more ways to connect and bond with your children

  • Stop buying so much echinacea!

Then you need Reiki in your toolkit

Feel empowered knowing how to help your kids get better, so they get back to themselves, back to school and family life gets back on track

  • Know how to approach almost any ailment without remedies or practitioners

  • Fewer visits to the doctor

  • Fewer remedies and healthcare expenses

  • No more worrying while you wait for an appointment

  • No more stress about another missed day of school or work

  • Increased vitality

  • Better emotional regulation

  • Relief from chronic symptoms

  • More resilience against infections and illnesses

Less discomfort and distress for your kids

Less worry, stress and expense for you

Just a healthy, thriving family


To have healthy kids you need more than prescriptions and supplements, you need the best tools to help your kids get and stay well

The last thing you want is an unwell kid, or unwell kidsOr even worse, unwell parents as well as unwell kids. You can't afford any more days off school and work.


You've probably got the basics covered; arnica, echinacea, activated charcoal. But you can't have every remedy in your medicine cabinet ready for the next bug they pick up (if you can get your kids to even take them).


You also can't have everything with you at the park, at the grandparents or on holiday.


If you prefer to go the GP or a healthcare practitioner, you're stuck if they fall ill at the weekend and you're spending the first hour of Monday on the phone to the doctor's surgery trying to get an appointment.

What if you knew exactly what to do to help your kids, so they could start getting better right away - no matter where you are or what time it is?

Even if you've already taken a Reiki training, you probably won't have been taught how to use it to support your children beyond giving them a general treatment, which as you know really helps - but you can be even more effective by using the protocols you'll learn in Reiki for Parents.


  • Boost your children's immunity so they're ill less often

  • Reduce their symptoms so they don't miss school

  • Alleviate chronic health conditions so they don't dominate the day

  • Regulate their nervous system and support their mental health so you can all feel calmer


"I took Reiki for Parents hoping it would help me manage illness in my kids, and boy did it deliver! 

I've helped them through colds, injuries, emotional challenges, and even used it to support my last baby when she was in the womb.

Being able to use Reiki for so many things (especially when out and about) has been a gamechanger - bee stings, bumps, scrapes etc.

Friend's kids even come to me asking for Reiki when they fall or get hurt or startled.

I've been using it to help reduce the size of my son's tonsils so that we can avoid surgical intervention. It's so empowering!"

Chelsea headshot copy 2.jpeg
Chelsea, mum of 4
"It's so empowering!"

"I've been practicing Reiki for 10 years, yet adding Reiki for Parents has had such a positive impact on our lives.

I now feel confident about how to treat my child for illnesses, which prevents the use of medication.

I give my child Reiki every bedtime, using the areas for helping sleep. This
helps to calm his body - I notice it right away!

Reiki for Parents is such a
beautiful gift to share with your children."

Alice Foley headshot_edited.jpg
Alice, mum of 2
"Reiki for Parents has had such a positive impact on our lives"
Mums are making a difference for their kids with Reiki for Parents

Reiki for Parents is the only Reiki training that teaches you how to support your family with 25 childhood ailments, so you spend less time at the doctors, less money on remedies and your family is healthy and thriving

Reiki is a game-changing Japanese hands-on healing modality that brings the body into balance, reduces stress, boosts the immune system and calms the nervous system.

It's a simple and powerful tool that was designed to be used every day, at home with your family, to maintain health and wellbeing. Not just their physical, but also their emotional and psychological selves.

The course follows the Reiki 1 curriculum, but what's unique about Reiki for Parents is you’ll also learn exactly how to use Reiki to address 25 physical and emotional health issues your child might face at any age.

Whether they're a toddler or a teenager, learning exactly what to do when your child has an ear infection, stomach bug, eczema, acne or anxiety means you can nip them in the bud.


Reiki is a skill you can learn quickly and easily, that will have a huge impact on your family’s wellbeing. You can have your kids wounds heal faster, help them poop when they’re constipated, calm their anxiety, or move them through a cold, cough or fever more quickly.


You’ll have a whole toolkit in the palm of your hands, so whether you’re at home, at the park or even on holiday, you’ll be able to help your children get better.


Even if you've already taken a Reiki training, you probably won't have been taught how to use it to support your children beyond giving them a general treatment, which as you know really helps - but you can be even more effective by using the protocols you'll learn in Reiki for Parents.

Here's what you'll learn in Reiki for Parents

The Wisdom of Reiki

Training 1.jpg

Knowing the basics of Reiki gives you a solid foundation for your new skill and help you connect to Reiki energy.

  • What Reiki is

  • How it works

  • What it does it 

  • Where it comes from

Reiki, the Spiritual Development Practice


Reiki techniques and practices deepen your connection to source so you can use it powerfully and effectively

  • Reiki precepts

  • Meditations

  • Your attunement

  • Your Reiki routine

Reiki, the Healing Art


Simple frameworks make it easy to give treatments so you maximize the positive impact for your family.

  • How to use Reiki

  • Traditional techniques

  • How to treat yourself

  • How to treat others

Reiki for Childhood Ailments


You'll be empowered with exact protocols to support your children with 25 ailments including:

  • Illnesses/infections

  • GI issues

  • Chronic conditions

  • Mental health

Now You Can Learn How To Do It Too
Click the button below to register now and get instant access to Reiki for Parents
Reiki for Parents mock up.png
Reiki training
Proprietary Reiki for Parents training
Protocols for 25 childhood ailments
4 on-demand video modules
Guided meditations
Guided daily Reiki practice
Reiki 1 manual
Reiki for Parents manual
Guided treatment audios
For just one payment of £297
Please note, this is not a certification training
If for any reason you don't love Reiki for Parents just let me know within 14 days for a full no-questions-asked refund
You'll get everything you need to be the master of your family's health and wellness 


This deeply healing experience clears energetic blocks, deepens your connection to source, and enables you to powerfully channel healing Reiki energy through your hands.


Your downloadable reference manual lets you easily look up your child's ailment and see exactly what steps to follow to help them start feeling better soon.

And it's designed to fit around your family schedule


Most of the videos are 5-10 minutes long, so even if you just have time for one, you’ll be able to keep making progress towards being able to support your child’s health and wellbeing.


Ailment-specific treatment audios mean you can pop in your headphones and follow along while I'm in your ear, guiding you step by step through each protocol in real time.

Hi, I'm Mitra, mum of two, Reiki Master Teacher and creator of Reiki for Parents
mitra and boys.jpeg

My love language is taking care of people's health. I’m passionate about natural health and I love being empowered in my children's wellbeing.


My kids have had Reiki most days since they were born and they've never had a sick visit at the doctor. I know something's up when I hear 'Mama, I need some Reiki', although they definitely started saying it a lot more when they stopped nursing (they find Reiki almost as comforting)!


I've been an energy healer since 2010 and I'm trained in multiple modalities including Reiki, Systematic Kinesiology and Acupuncture.


For several years I worked in a busy family healing centre in Los Angeles. My mum-clients wanted more holistic options and to feel empowered when it came to their children's healthcare. They were tired, worried, upset their kids weren't well and spending lots of money on remedies and treatments.


So in 2019 I created a training for parents to not only learn Reiki, but to learn exactly how to use it to support their children with the most common issues.​


I began teaching it in live workshops to parents in Los Angeles, then on Zoom to parents around the world and now it's available as a digital course.

  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing modality that clears energy blockages and brings the body back into balance, a place from which healing can happen. It supports the immune system and nervous system.
  • Is Reiki a religion?
    No. You don't have to hold any beliefs or follow any rules or dogma to do Reiki. Mikao Usui, the creator of Reiki, was Buddhist so many of the concepts in his healing system come within that context but it is not a Buddhist practice.
  • Do I get certified?
    Reiki for Parents is not a certification class but if you want to get certified as a Reiki 1 practitioner there is an additional in-person module you can take with me. The Reiki 1 certification module is a 2 hour live class with me. We do our Reiki practice together, you receive a personal attunement, and we practice giving both a self-treatment and a professional treatment to another person. I coach you through the process, and am available to answer any questions. There are a maximum of 10 students in the class so you get lots of personal attention. After the module you'll receive my 21 days of Reiki email series to support you to integrate Reiki into your life. You'll also receive a Reiki 1 certificate that will enable you to get insurance and join some professional associations. These live classes happen every month at various times to suit different time zones. If you don't find a time that works for you reach out to me and I'll try and add another option. You need to have completed Reiki for Parents before joining the certification module to get the most out of it.
  • I've never done Reiki before, is this suitable for beginners?
    Yes, Reiki for Parents is designed for people who've never learnt Reiki before. Even if you've never received it or only just learnt what it is, we start with the absolute basics and you don't need to know anything yet.
  • Will I learn how to use Reiki with people other than my children?
    Yes, you'll learn how to give a full, professional style treatment to people of any age as well as learning how to use it more informally with your family.
  • Will I learn how to use Reiki for myself?
    Yes, you'll learn how to give yourself Reiki to support both your health and wellness and your spiritual growth.
  • When do I get access to the course?
    You get access right away. Once you've purchased the course you'll receive an email with your log in details for the program. You'll have access to it right away and for as long as you need, there's no expiration.
  • How do I access the course?
    You'll receive details of how to access the course along wih your log in details in the welcome email once you've made your purchase.
  • I'm super busy, how long will the class take?
    I really get how hard it is to find the time to take a program (you should see how long it took me to turn it into an online course!). I did my best to make it easy as possible to fit into a super busy mom life. The whole program takes about 4 hours to complete. The content is split into short videos, so if you're super busy you can watch a 5 minute video when you can catch a window, you don't need to watch it all in one go. There are also audio versions of each of the video lessons so you can listen to them if that's easier for you. You don't need to take notes or do any homework so you can listen while you're driving, working out, anywhere you can carve a little multi-tasking time.
  • How does the attunement happen?
    There are two attunement methods included in the course. A guided self-attunement meditation and a virtual attunement video led by me. You can choose to do one or both. If you prefer to receive a personal attunement from me that's available too with a small additional charge of $4.50 when taken together with Reiki for Parents (these are normally charged at $45). This is a 15 minute real time attunement at a pre-arranged time. In person attunements give you a different energetic experience that many people find very powerful but they're not essential. You'll be offered the in person attunement when you checkout but you don't have to commit now, you'll be eligible for the discounted price for 365 days after you purchase Reiki for Parents so you can buy it at another time, just reach out to me directly for the discount code.
  • Which childhood ailments are covered in the class?
    Colds, coughs, fevers, ear infections, tonsillitis, wounds, conjunctivitis, asthma, eczema, worms, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, motion sickness, nose bleeds, urinary tract infections, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, acne, anxiety, depression, headaches, bed wetting and difficulty sleeping.
  • My child has a condition that isn't included in the course, will I be able to use Reiki to help them?
    Yes, you can use Reiki to help absolutely anything. The protocols in the training help you be more effective for the conditions covered, but you can use Reiki to support your children with any issue, acute or chronic.
  • Will Reiki cure my child?
    Reiki is not a cure. It's a complementary therapy that you can use as part of a holistic approach to your child's health and wellness. You should always continue with whatever you're already doing to support your child and add Reiki to the mix. Reiki will have a role in your child's journey towards wellness but should not be relied upon in isolation.
  • Will I stop needing to see healthcare practitioners?
    Maybe! You definitely won't give them up but you'll probably see them less often.
  • I'm already Reiki certified, is this suitable for me?
    It sure is! I'm teaching a blend of Western and Japanese Reiki so, unless you've also trained in both branches of Reiki, there will be some new nuggets and different ways of looking at things and further study is really helpful in strengthening your connection to Reiki. The content about how to use Reiki with your children is unique to this program, so even if you're not interested in reviewing the Reiki 1 curriculum you'll learn how to make your Reiki even more effective with your family.
  • I'm already Reiki certified, can I just learn the part about how to use it with my kids?
    You can, it's in a separate module and you can choose just to watch that content. It's not available as a separate program though, you need to purchase the complete Reiki for Parents training.
Be more empowered in your family's health and wellbeing

Distress, worry, exhaustion, stress, missing school, missing activities, missing work, healthcare - the physical, emotional and financial costs of illness mount up. But there's an easy way to keep your kids healthy and help them get better when they're not well.


From tonsillitis and fevers to depression and asthma, you'll not only learn Reiki but learn how to use it effectively to support your family with 25 childhood ailments. Reiki for Parents will be your go-to in your wellness toolkit. ​


Don't risk another bug coming home from school and life going on hold this week. You can learn Reiki for Parents in an afternoon and start supporting your children's health today.

Register Now and Upgrade Your Wellness Toolkit
Reiki for Parents mock up.png
Reiki training
Proprietary Reiki for Parents training
Protocols for 25 childhood ailments
4 on-demand video modules
Guided meditations
Guided daily Reiki practice
Reiki for Parents manual
Guided treatment audios
For just one payment of £297
Please note, this is not a certification training
If for any reason you don't love Reiki for Parents just let me know within 14 days for a full no-questions-asked refund
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