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Reiki for Parents



Looking for a simple spiritual or healing practice to enhance your life? This is the foundational level in the Reiki training series.

You'll learn about the origins, history and principles of Reiki. You'll experience
 a deeply healing attunement that awakens your connection to source, activates your third eye and your healing hands, and enables you to channel Reiki energy.


You'll learn how to give a self-healing session and how to give a treatment to someone else.

Reiki is a spiritual experience and practice. For many, this is a life changing training, opening possibilities and purpose. 



Already taken a Reiki 1 training and ready to take it to the next level? This is the deepening level in the Reiki training series.

You'll learn about the three sacred Reiki symbols used by Mikao Usui. 

The first symbol is connected to earth energy and serves to amplify Reiki energy and protect.

The second symbol is connected to heavenly energy and supports with emotional healing.

The third symbol is connected to oneness energy and enables us to bypass the concepts of space and time and send Reiki by distance.

You'll experience an attunement to deepen your connection to source and be a more open channel for Reiki.

You'll learn how to send distant Reiki to others and how to give a treatment to another incorporating the symbols.    

After this training you'll be able to send Reiki to friends, family and clients in any location, as well as send Reiki to past and future events. 



This is the final level in the Reiki training series.


You'll learn the Master symbol, how to give attunements and teach all three levels of Reiki. I also include in my training an in-depth review of the topics covered in the earlier trainings so you leave feeling like an expert worthy of the title Master.

You'll receive an attunement to deepen your connection to source and be a more open channel for Reiki.

We practice giving attunements to each other and, if you have someone available in your home who would like to receive one you can practice on them too. 

After this training you'll be able to call yourself a Reiki Master, enhancing your reputation as a practitioner. 

You'll receive a manual and a certificate that will enable you to join professional Reiki associations and get professional insurance. You'll also be invited to join my private Facebook group where you can ask me any questions you have and receive continued support from me and from your peers. 


NEXT CLASS: 29th/30th JULY 2023



Do you want to have the skills to support your children’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing yourself?

This training is for you if you:

  • are a health conscious, non-toxic, organic food style parent 

  • have arnica, colloidal silver and essential oils in your medicine cabinet

  • take your children to a holistic pediatrician 


I like being empowered in my children’s health. We do a lot of things in our home to maintain our health and Reiki is a key component of our wellness practice. I give my children Reiki every night while I’m putting them to sleep, just by simply channeling it through my hands while I’m snuggling with them. My kids are rarely sick and when they are they recover fast. And whatever is wrong, I’ve got a technique I can use to address that exact thing that’s in my hands wherever we go. I rarely take them to doctor and rarely use remedies.

Reiki was designed to be used every day, at home with your family to maintain health and wellbeing.

The right hand man of the originator of the Reiki healing system was a medical doctor. He discovered how to use Reiki to treat illness and created a system of how to use Reiki with specific conditions - and this is what you’ll learn in this course, his teachings, with a few extra energy healing tips and tricks, on how to treat the conditions your kids might have at some point in their childhood. You'll learn how to address allergies, eczema, asthma, colds, fevers, ear infections, tummy troubles, infectious diseases, anxiety, acne, neurological conditions and more. 


The course is a Reiki 1 training where we’ll learn about the history and fundamentals of Reiki. You’ll experience an attunement which will activate your healing hands and give you the ability to channel Reiki. Then we’ll learn how to use it with our kids and run through exactly what to do for each ailment. Because this is still a regular Reiki training (just with extras), you'll be able to use Reiki with everyone, not just your kids.  


Here are some things parents have said about this training:


“It was such a special and transformative day. HIGHLY recommend”


"Such a beautiful and powerful tool to support yourself and family. Mitra, you are amazing!”


Learn step by step all the things you need to do to set up your business and get your first paying clients.

This training is designed for anyone who has taken a Reiki or other healing modality certification and wants to begin working as a professional healer or turn those first clients into a sustainable business. 

The training includes the practicalities of setting up a business, how to put together a professional offering/session, how to position yourself, how to market, how to manage and leverage client relationships and the mindset you need to be successful. 

We’ll also use meditation, EFT and crystals to support our process so we come from an aligned and clear place and our actions can be more powerful.


Have you taken a certification in Reiki or another modality, or have the calling to be of service through energy healing, and want to learn more and know how to apply and develop your skills? I offer bespoke mentoring programs for people who want to expand and master their energy healing craft. These can include one to one or group teaching, practicums with clients and ongoing supervision.

I also offer supervision for energy healers and Reiki practitioners who would like support with their client work. 30 minute supervision calls are charged at $115

Contact me to discuss how I can support the blooming of your innate healer. 

Payment is accepted by PayPal in USD, email me for other payment options, to pay in another currency and for payment plans. 

Class fees are non-refundable. 

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