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Awaken The Healer Inside You


Many of my students have found learning Reiki to be a life changing experience. They've healed deep wounds, they've found purpose and passion in their lives, they've undergone deep personal transformations and awakenings, they've begun or deepened their spiritual journey, they've helped the people around them that they love, they've become Reiki practitioners and teachers. 


  • Be empowered to support the wellbeing of yourself, your loved ones and clients

  • Boost your immune system and calm your nervous system

  • Deepen your personal or spiritual growth and intuition

  • Receive a deep healing while you strengthen your connection to source

  • Work in the healing arts but don't know where to start

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"You will be learning from the absolute best and your life will be truly enriched in so many ways"


After working with a Spiritual Healer who introduced me to Reiki, I was immediately interested in learning it. I had two dear friends who couldn’t speak more highly of Mitra so I took her Reiki 2 and Master trainings and they were incredibly supportive, filled with detailed material and hands on learning. The attunements were amazing and so deep each time.


I felt inspired, super confident and well equipped with useful/important practice and knowledge. I started my own healing/coaching business, and since my attunements with Mitra, I have found more confidence in my Reiki work with my clients. I couldn’t have created this business of mine without her teaching and guidance.

I would steer everyone I could in Mitra's direction. She is the truest embodiment of what it means to be a teacher and guide. I could only hope that one day I am able to teach as fluidly and supportively as she does. If you have any desire whatsoever about training with Mitra, do it right away. You will be learning from the absolute best and your life will truly be enriched in so many ways.

Jessie Kavanaugh, Reiki Master


"Choose Mitra if you are looking for a high integrity and comprehensive education in Reiki"


I chose Mitra as my teacher because she came highly recommended by 4 friends who she trained and experienced miraculous results. I found the content, design, and Mitra's breadth of knowledge to be masterful. She is very experienced in healing and offers a tremendous amount of wisdom. 


I was highly sensitive to the attunements she facilitated, clearing and purifying a lot of my own personal material. Reiki has supported me in healing my own unresolved issues, and has become a business opportunity for me in the future. I intend to continue practicing with Mitra in her support sessions, building my skills, and evolving my own personal practice.


I would choose Mitra if you are looking for a high integrity and comprehensive education in Reiki. If you are called to learn Reiki I suggest you start by investing in Reiki 1, Mitra will change your life and help you access the inner healer we all have within

John Shelton, Reiki Master

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"Mitra is a profound teacher who has an authenticity and humility in what she does"

I received an intense Reiki session that healed a 15yr chronic pain on the first visit. In experiencing the firsthand benefits of Reiki healing, I knew it was something I wanted to utilize/offer for myself and my loved ones.

The classes were compatible to my learning style. There was a breadth of documentation to learn from, pairing historical timeline and current standing with real-time insights. 


Mitra is a profound teacher who has an authenticity and humility in what she does. She provides a breadth of knowledge, is well versed in various healing modalities and can speak to diverse facets of Reiki, not to mention she is a powerful healer and intuitive. I would not have had the experience I did learning with anyone else. And I would not have the confidence, clarity, and peace in my Reiki practice today if it wasn’t for all Mitra has offered since I met her. It’s been an honor and to me defines what Reiki is/should be, ultimately. If you're thinking about learning Reiki with Mitra, do it. Even just to be able to use Reiki on self is huge and worth it. It’s not about healing others or making money, but to have an immediate tool at your disposal.

Shey Khaksar, Reiki Master

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"The guidance and the confidence you will gain from it to grow and develop both personally and professionally is huge"


I was wanting to do my Reiki 2 and didn't resonate with my previous teacher. I was chatting with a friend who’d trained with Mitra about it and at the same time Mitra happened to be teaching Reiki 2. 


I loved everything about the training. The guidance and the confidence you will gain from it to grow and develop both personally and professionally is huge.


I have created a business thanks to my training with Mitra and also use it on myself in the morning when meditating. It has helped me through a recent trauma I have experienced.  


I am so glad that I found Mitra to undertake my Reiki 2 and Master Teacher training. Mitra is genuinely brilliant and is fully invested in her students. I feel safe in her hands and I know that she is there if I ever have any questions related to my practice and my business.

Jennifer Wallis. Reiki Master

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"Mitra is amazing and her training was empowering and inspiring"


Reiki is for everyone! I wanted to learn Reiki after receiving it myself and experiencing how it helped my mental health.


Mitra is amazing and her training was empowering and inspiring, I feel like it has all fallen into place. I love how she researches every detail and gives a well rounded opinion. She has a grounded approach to teaching, no ego.


I left class feeling confident in my abilities, very inspired to plan my own Reiki lessons and feel very safe in passing this knowledge on to my future students.

Alice Foley, Reiki Master

"Her classes have changed my life"

I started training in more conventional forms of healing such as psychotherapy and found that something important was missing, this turned out to be energy work. 


Mitra is an excellent teacher and healer. Her classes have changed my life, helping to start me off as a reiki practitioner and expanding my outlook on life. I now practice reiki and have treated over 30 people already. I feel more confident and excited about moving forward as a healer.


The classes are easy going and yet packed with brilliant information and insights plus practical tools and skills. I felt confident and expansive after classes. Mitra is generous and loving with her deep knowledge of the field and has continued to be a support even after the class. 


I recommend Mitra to anyone looking for healing or to train as she is a loving, kind and talented healer.

Arizona Smith, Reiki 2

"You'll be grateful you took the leap. I most certainly am"


While I often meet people who don’t feel entirely of this world given their strong spiritual ties, I’ve never encountered someone who’s tethered to another dimension who is as grounded and down to earth as is the angel: Mitra Sessions.


I wanted to continue seeking / developing my spiritual practice and decided to take Reiki I and II from Mitra, which have only further accelerated my journey towards peace, serenity and acceptance and left me feeling really really inspired and centered. 


If you’re on the fence about booking a session with Mitra or taking one of her classes, jump over it. You’ll fall into safe and open arms. And you’ll be grateful you took the leap. I most certainly am.

Amanda J-Z, Reiki 2

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