Not feeling worthy is one of the main blocks to abundance so it's a key piece to heal if you want to create more of something in your life. This meditation will support you to feel more worthy.

The first part of the meditation is a clearing of the blocks that are holding you back from feeling worthy. The second part is downloads to anchor a new story about your worthiness that feels true to your system. 

The more you listen to the video the more you'll clear - deeper layers will rise to the surface ready to be released. So listen as many times as you want!

Even though it's a video, this is an audio experience. Having your eyes closed will enhance your experience so take nine minutes to lie down, close your eyes and feel the healing vibrations working with your body. You may enjoy using headphones to amplify your experience. 

You have one more video to come, I hope you're enjoying the series.


I'd love to hear how these make you feel, please drop me a line and let me know!


With love and blessings